Name: Leviathan

Nicknames: Envy, Levi, kitty

Pronouns: he / him

Levi is grump and has a very aggressive personality. He suffers from many issues, including low-esteem, self-hate and even mood swing; thankfully Lust can calm him down, showing so much needed affection and care. He always feels left out and underestimate by the older Princes, what made him hate most of them, and even envy their good life. It made him question his purpose, never finding answers for his any of his questions, leading him to feed his own negative feelings over years and years.

Name: Asmodeus

Nicknames: Lust, Lulu, Sidonai, Amadeus, Amy

Pronouns: xe / xer

Xe’s extremely easy-going and prefers to look for easy solutions than keep thinking about the problems. Lust likes to enjoy the life, not minding if xe’s on the top or the bottom of the situation. Lust faced many body changes over the years to finally identify as a bigender. Despite these big changes xe always was rather energetic and smiley, even hiding a few things from xer past.

Name: Belphegor

Nicknames: Sloth, Belphy, Bel

Pronouns: she / her

Extremely laid-back and spends lots of time sleeping. She is the oldest and wisest out of the 7, however due her personality she tends to omit, hide or “forget” to tell important pieces of information to her siblings. Despite her cute appearance, Sloth knows how to deal with all the seven and can easily get off many bad situations; even if she can’t solve it with brain she counts on Anger to do it the hard way. She constantly avoid talking about her backstory. Although it’s known that something big happened and she keeps it hidden from the others.

Name: Satan

Nicknames: Anger, Wrath, Sat

Pronouns: he / him

He has a terrible and explosive personality; ending up killing even other demons. The only situation he shows any kind of affection is toward Sloth, due to his care for her. He used to be more sweet and rather clingy on his “childhood”; he was always following her around until that fateful day. He started, then, to gain more independence and over time he lost his bond with all the others, but Sloth.

Name: Beelzebub

Nicknames: Gluttony/Glut, Beel, Belzy, Goldie

Pronouns: she / her

She’s very sweet and supportive and usually worries about her siblings. She loves to eat and feed others; even those who don’t actually eat, like Cookie. However don’t hit her triggers; she can be quite aggressive if provoked. She had a complication in her past due to her proximity with humans, leading her to get rid of her eyes and face a terrible depression. Thanks to Greed she learned how to manage her depression and have a more healthy relationship with others.

Name: Mammon

Nicknames: Greed, Mammy

Pronouns: she / her

She’ll always think about herself before think about someone else; being always very egocentric and extremely greedy. She has a soft spot for Gluttony and probably the only one she spends money with. She was a very spoiled “kid” and until nowadays she’ll get rather angry if someone denies her requests, but never losing her cool attitude.

Name: Lucifer

Nicknames: Pride, Lucy

Pronouns: he / him

He’s has a superior look and can be rather snob most of time. Pride always wants to be in the control of the situation; be the boss. Rub his huge ego and you’ll have a chance with him. Pride was a very helpful “kid; not because he likes to help, but he loved to hear the compliments he got after it. He has always been the most talkative out of the seven.

Name: ???

Nicknames: Cookie

Pronouns: It / Its

It’s a good partner and very loyal to the seven, even those it doesn’t have a very healthy relationship with. Cookie will also appear to protect any of them when needed or on a deadly situation; it’s responsible for their recover. Since long ago, Cookie is around them and have been “reviving” them whenever it’s needed. It was also, in the past, responsible for incubate and awaken most of them.